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Breeding in only tropical marine habitat, early larval and juvenile stages they are often found in coastal estuaries and mangrove areas. Being a penaeid shrimp, their morphology is like other penaeid species where rostrum is well developed and toothed dorsally and ventrally. It can reach up to 330mm in length. The largest individual found is at 336mm in total length. The rostrum with 6 to 8 (mainly 7) dorsal and 2 to 4 (mainly 3) ventral teeth. Carapace and abdomen are banded with alternate red and white. Greyish brown antennae. Brown pereopods and pleopods. In shallow water, the colour changes to dark brown and often to blackish. Being sexually dimorphous, evident growth is present in monosex female shrimps compared to monosex males. They are closed thelycum species.

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