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Stainless Submersible pumps (SSP)

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  • Stainless steel frame structure and shaft
  • High grade polymer structure provides ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Built-in thermal protector to prevent motor burning from impeller lock
  • Double side mechanical seal placed in oil bath for 24-hr operation ability
  • Built-in float switch model for automatic operation
  • High starting-torque motor
  • High-grade stainless steel & engineering plastic for high corrosive resistance and lighter weight compare with cast iron
  • Build-in automatic thermal protector to protect motor from burning even when impeller is locked
  • Equipped with double mechanical seal, ceramic-carbon and silicon carbide sealing surfaces
  • With float switch model, pump will stop automatically at low water level to protect from dry running


Size : Depends on the model
Weight : Depends on the model
Model: SSP-155S, SSP-255S, SSP-405S, SSP-755S, SSP-755T, SSP-1505T, , SSP-1555A, SSP-255SA, SSP-405SA, SSP-755SA, SSP-755TA, SSP-755TB, SSP-1505TA, SSP-155SC, SSP-255SC, SSP-405SC, SSP-755SC, SSP-755TC, SSP-1505TC


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