Doctor Shrimp Pte Ltd.

Fundamentals of
Intensive Shrimp Farming

Course Overview:

Shrimp farming foundations, learn about the basic shrimp biology culture environment, and nutrition required for shrimp farming in relation to both traditional and new age farming methods. 


Certificate of Completion in Intensive Shrimp Farming Fundamentals

Duration: 7 days (0900 – 1730)
Theory Day 1 & 2: Culture environment
Theory Day 3 & 4: Disease management
Theory Day 4 & 5: Nutrition

Practical Day 6 & 7: Farm Practical

Intake: 10 pax per class

Pre-requisite: Background in biology

Lecturer and Trainer Profile:

Dr. Farshad Shishehchian, Blue Aqua International

Dr. Farshad is the CEO & President of Blue Aqua International Group of Companies. He was the President of the World Aquaculture Society, Asia Pacific Chapter (2013-2016). He has dynamic, hands-on experience in managing farms and hatcheries and local networking over 20 years in the world’s top aquaculture producing countries. He is also inventor of the Mixotrophic system, super-intensive shrimp farming system, which is patented in over 7 countries.