Doctor Shrimp Pte Ltd.

Advanced Intensive
Shrimp Farming

Course Details:

Shrimp rearing process in a super-intensive Mixotrophic™ system grow-out culture. A hands-on, real-world application of the method of culture at a commercial super-intensive shrimp farm in Singapore.


Certificate of Completion in Advanced Super-intensive Shrimp Farming

Duration: 3 months (0900 – 1730)

Theory Day 1: Culture environment
Theory Day 2: Disease management
Theory Day 3: Nutrition
Practical (3 months): Farm Practical


5 pax per class

Pre-requisite: 3 years aquaculture working experience or diploma in aquaculture.

Lecturer and Trainer Profile:

Dr. Farshad Shishehchian, Blue Aqua International

Dr. Farshad is the CEO & President of Blue Aqua International Group of Companies. He was the President of the World Aquaculture Society, Asia Pacific Chapter (2013-2016). He has dynamic, hands-on experience in managing farms and hatcheries and local networking over 20 years in the world’s top aquaculture producing countries. He is also inventor of the Mixotrophic system, super-intensive shrimp farming system, which is patented in over 7 countries.