Doctor Shrimp Pte Ltd.

A brand under the Blue Aqua International group – Doctor Shrimp™ is devoted to being the preferred practical knowledge base and accessible tools resource for shrimp farmers around the world.

Doctor Shrimp Pte Ltd.

A Global Farmers Community

Doctor Shrimp™ is a global shrimp farming community, a clearinghouse for technical and practical knowledge on the five species of shrimp, L. vannamei, P. monodon, P. indicus, L. stylirostris and M. japonicus.

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to innovate, increase productivity and operate sustainably. On, we’re building a library of free knowledge from the industry’s most advocated scientists, aquaculturists, and technical experts — along with a community of farmers to connect both online and at events across the globe.

Practical Knowledge Transfer

With the Doctor Shrimp Clinic and Academy, we will not only offer disease diagnostics services but also solutions, protocols and practical skills training for shrimp farming.

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